Interior Design Process

Interior Design Process

Interior Design Process | Shara Eppert Design is an Interior Design studio located in Fort Walton Beach, FL - Coastal Design

Interior Design Process

If you are considering doing up your space for a more modern and sophisticated look or you want to make your space more functional then you may have considered working with an interior designer. Designing your home is something that requires you to be heavily involved and if you have little to no experience working with an interior designer, you might be wondering exactly what the process would be like. There is no need to be apprehensive as most designers will be able to expertly execute your ideas for your home and here at Shara Eppert Design, we are no different.

You may think a look you have seen in a design magazine or on social media channels like Pinterest would be costly or difficult to execute but with the right team in your corner, nothing is impossible. Trusting us with your home is a big deal and we do not take that for granted at all. We work with you to create a design and concept that is a true reflection of you in a way that you will thoroughly love and enjoy. We treat each step of the design process equally importantly from start to finish to ensure we deliver a result that is beautiful, functional and unique to each of our wonderful clients.

Step 1 | The Consultation

After you must have done your research, looked through several interior designers and settled with working with the very best on Florida’s Emerald Coast (that's us!) the first phase would involve contacting us either by placing a phone call, sending us an email or filling out a project inquiry form and letting us know what you would like us to do for you. We will then set up a meeting at a time and place that is convenient for both parties to discuss some more about what you want for your space. We will hear from you and you’ll also get more information from us about the way we work and our company policies. We will then discuss the whole project and how it will be executed including details on your budget, how long it will take to complete the project if you want a total overhaul or remodeling, color schemes and the ideas you have in mind for a new space. If you don’t have any ideas yet, that’s okay as we can work with you to birth a plan for your home as we work on both the practical and aesthetic ideas for the project.  We will also take a tour of your home and offer our advice on what needs to be done to bring more functionality and breathe new life into each room. During this time you can point out some of the ideas you have and ask questions or address any concerns you may have as we listen to whatever goals you have for your home. We will point out the areas that need to be worked on first so we can start mapping out plans and making estimations.

Interior Design Process | Shara Eppert Design is a full-service Interior Design Studio , located in Fort Walton Beach, FL

Step 2 | Creating a vision and design for your home

After the consultation where we agree on what needs to be done to transform your home, we take a critical look at your home to come up with a vision for a design that matches what you want and is functional. It would be totally wrong if we took your ideas and ran with it by starting to set up without first examining the space to be sure that the design works with your current space. Our goal is to create a design that has all the elements you want that will make you happy and also one that works with the environment and plan of your home. If your desired design does not work well with your home, we will work with you to develop a new one that suits it better until we arrive at the perfect design for you and your home. We will look at your home from all angles and perspectives to come up with a vision even you may not have imagined was even possible. That is one of the advantages of our years of experience, with our expertise we can work with your vision for a space that is authentic and unique. We will visit the site( your home) and take all the measurements we need and get familiar with all the way things currently are. With these in mind, we will begin the process of creating concepts for the design, source for and identify the materials we are going to use in your space like furniture, cabinets, and fixtures.

Step 3 | Floor plans and budget collaboration

At this step, we will arrange another meeting with you so that we can finalize on floor plans and your budget. After you approve the floor plans, we will move forward with the design development process.  We will source the best materials including fabrics, cabinet samples, and other key elements of the design and used them to create a mood board to be presented to you. During the design presentation meeting, which is one of the most exciting parts of your design project.  You get to see everything we’ve pulled together for you. This step really brings the concept to life and makes the design less of an idea. You will also be presented with an invoice for the cost of purchasing each item from our group of trusted vendors. We use only the best vendors and we ensure that they present the most durable and high-quality materials for your inspection. If the materials suit your tastes and the prices are agreeable we can go ahead and place orders. However, if you still need to make some changes or revisions this is the phase where you can still do that. We make room for one revision to be requested in this meeting so that we can go back to the drawing table and come up with fresh ideas and samples for you. This way we are all on the same page and we can produce an interior design concept you will truly love. We also organize a visit to a showroom if you feel inclined to do so.

Step 4 | The concept is brought to life

Now, this is the fun part, in this step we work very hard to bring the agreed interior design concept to life. We arrange for cabinets, furniture, and other fixtures to be delivered and then we closely inspect them to ensure that they measure up to our strict standards. Defective goods are immediately returned and replaced as we prioritize high quality and insist on only the best for our clients. At Shara Eppert Design we do not simply order your design materials and walk away, we will work with you and the contractors you have hired every step of the way and give advice and other support services so that your idea is fully brought to life and matches the expectations and vision we have agreed upon. To ensure that the concept does not get lost in translation we schedule regular visits to the site to make sure everything is being done the right way and according to plan. We can also visit the site on your request in case you need to discuss further or run some of the latest developments by us.

Step 5 |  Installation and styling your home

Once all the final orders have been received and inspected for quality and all accompanying documentation is in order, we will once again ensure that none is damaged and then set them aside in a place of storage if they meet our standards. You won’t get to see any of it until the day we have set aside for the reveal and for the fixed installation day. Quite a bit of planning does go into the installation day. We also advise that a professional cleaning crew comes in to properly clear away all the debris and parts lying around after things like cabinets and other materials have been brought in and installed. We also prefer to work without you so that you are out of harm's way will we move heavy objects around and to give us the space to bring your vision to life without any interference.

To increase the anticipation, we like to keep our clients away while installation and final fittings are done before the big reveal. So while we work and make everything perfect for you, we advise that you take the day off and go out to relax and enjoy some time for yourself, after all, you’ve worked just as hard to make sure everything concerning your interior design journey is done perfectly. A nice day at the spa or even checking into a hotel and turning off your cell phone will help prepare your mind for the transformation we are working on your home. Everything is usually installed completely in a day or two but with some items like a banquette or windows which require more work, we do the installation for them on a different day prior to installation day. All tweaking and finishing touches are done while we lay out the accessories and stage your home to suit the vision of the design concept. Everything concerning interior decor is done at this point and we ensure all orders have been correctly issued and settled. We are on site for everything that happens on installation day to ensure it is all done neatly and on time. And then it’s time for the big reveal, we alert you that your home is now ready for you and lead you into your professionally designed dream space.


Most of our clients are immediately satisfied and happy and some may require some time to get used to living in their new and improved home. Especially for those people who do not accept change as easily, it’s important to remember that you hired a professional interior design team for a reason, we know the work and deliver on exactly what you want so if you still find your space a bit strange, that’s okay. You’ll adjust in no time and the memory of your old fixtures and fittings will fade. However very few people have these feelings, you will be thrilled to use your new kitchen to the fullest and in no time you will be inviting friends over for a dinner party or to simply hang out and enjoy living and loving your space with you.

We typically take about 4-5 months to complete a project which is standard time to ensure that we deliver the very best job. Every day we spend on the job is used to the fullest so that we satisfy all of our clients’ needs and wants. This is a simple description of how we go about the process of designing rooms in your home so if you have ever wondered how we work, here’s your answer right here.  We cover every aspect of your project, designing all aspects of the space with tailor-made finishes and walking you through the whole process with ease! Our design process keeps you in the know at all times. Allows us to work through a checklist and schedule your project efficiently. And most of all eases the stress of redecorating your home. We want our clients to always feel relaxed and comfortable with the decision they have made to hire us to complete their homes.  We hope we have been able to answer some of your questions regarding the process and if you live on the Emerald Coast in Florida, specifically the Fort Walton Beach areas, as well as Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, Miramar Beach, Pensacola & 30A, don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation today.

Shara Eppert Design is a full-service interior design studio located in Fort Walton Beach, FL.  We specialize in kitchen & bath remodels. From new construction to remodels, we work with you from start to finish. Making the process easy for you.

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